Green Grants, up to $2,000 available per project.

Green Grants

Note: Green Grants are currently on hold. Please contact if you are interested in applying when the fund re-opens.

The Office of Sustainability offers Green Grants to support projects that produce measurable benefits and results at the University of Alberta.

Projects eligible for sponsorship could include: demonstration sites, educational events, office green teams, bicycle clinics, skill-building activities, behaviour change programs, contests and challenges. Creativity is encouraged. Projects should incorporate bias-balanced approaches, collaboration and lead to positive changes on our campus. Strong applications will demonstrate how they can help the University of Alberta make progress on our Sustainability Plan and achieve results in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS™).


All students, faculty and staff are eligible for Green Grants. Grants can be used for supplies, materials, advertising, or to offset speaker/trainer fees and their travel expenses. The Office of Sustainability does not pay for applicant's labour. Grants must be used for projects that produce tangible results for our campus. Grant funds cannot be used for personal stipends, socials, conference attendance, fundraising, completed projects, or to supplement standard departmental supplies, wages, and expense budgets. Food-related expenses beyond light snacks may not be eligible. Proposals for core operational funding will not be accepted. Students with an interest in attending conferences should apply to the Student Engagement Granting Program and the Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant.


Applications are invited throughout the year, however the Office of Sustainability reserves the right to limit the number of awards handed out. While the maximum grant is $2,000, few grants will be awarded at this level. Grants awarded are typically be less than $500. Applications must be legible, completed in full, and submitted submitted 4 weeks before any scheduled event. Note that 25% of the funding may be held back and released once a final report summarizing the project is provided.

Please read all the questions on the application before responding and limit your answers to the space recommended. Any student applications not associated with a registered student organization must have a faculty sponsor. Faculty/staff applications must have a sponsor at the director or departmental chair level (or higher).


Applicants will receive feedback from the Office of Sustainability within 15 working days. The Office of Sustainability will provide constructive feedback as appropriate. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Applicants are encouraged to address feedback received and reapply where appropriate. Successful applicants will be notified by email. All successful applicants will be required to produce a short report and pictures related to their project upon completion. Applicants may also be requested to participate in the creation of a story profiling their project.

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Example Green Grants

View all previously funded projects

Eco Move Out Mattress Recycling Pilot

UAlberta residences replace several hundred mattresses each year. In the past, mattresses were sent to the landfill. In 2016, grant funding allowed Residence Operations to expand a pilot program allowing about 400 mattresses to be recycled.

I-Week Human Library: A Place for All of Us

In 2015, the first North Campus Human Library was hosted in Rutherford Library. A Human Library is safe space where visitors can speak one-on-one or in very small groups to "people on loan" or human "books". The "books" are individuals from various demographics who have experienced stereotyping or prejudice or who have undergone a life experience that is often mischaracterized or misunderstood.